Research For/By Design: Part IV

  • Does not have time to help and donate to the homeless community because of their busy schedule
  • Personally knows people who struggle with homelessness
  • Is fearful of approaching the homeless population due to safety concerns
  • Doesn’t carry cash all the time
  • Easy to find “Start helping” call to action
  • Call to actions should be clear and placed in a visible area
  • Pre-select and provide donation amounts
  • Remove other distractions
  • Show the results of how your help is working towards the goal
  • What approach does everyone think would be the best? The way it is currently designed or the QR scan interaction we initially thought off
  • By not being able to see the homeless individual, would this cause a decrease or increase in conversation from the donator’s perspective?
  • From a scale from 1–5, do you trust to use this application themselves? 1 would be absolute not and 5 being most definitely.
  • From a scale from 1–5, how confident do people see this app solving Carla’s problem? 1 would be absolute not and 5 being most definitely.
  • Are there any additional features that you think we should include in our app?

Grad student @NYU & Product designer

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Jen Choi

Jen Choi

Grad student @NYU & Product designer

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